Download Pokémon Go for Windows Phone

PokémonGo is not a recent hype and doing the rounds in the media, but it is a game dating back to 1996 when it was first released in Japan and intended for the platform offered by Game Boy. The sales of the Pokemon game hustled over 250 million which makes it the second most sensational game sales behind the legendary Mario from the very Nintendo. With the rise in Mobile phone use worldwide, people are looking forward to Pokemon go for Windows Phone which is much awaited and now there appears to be some good news or perhaps a ray of hope to have this awesome game finally being played by Windows phone users.


There’s considerable effort put in to get the app up and running for windows and this game uses location based features to find the adorable monsters. Pokemon as the name suggests is about hunting pocket monsters. The conceptualization and true founders of this incredible game are Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. This game was initially developed in the 1980’s and Tajiri used his Pet name Game Freak (also the company) to help gather substantial positivity to his creation the Pokemon series which was supported by Nintendo for their Game Boy products (handheld video gaming devices). The first versions of the Pokemon series which were published in 1996 were the Red and Green, Blue followed later that year as a special edition marking the increasing popularity of this extremely addictive game.

A Legendary Game from house of the Experts

Creativity at its very best is what Pokemon Go is all about and with the interesting characters which the game offers such as Kris, Lyra, May, Wes, Brendan, Rui along with Red, Gold and various others. The protagonists of Pokemon share various characteristics similar to the game. The game hosts a number of rivals who are extremely talented and a strong opposition, they being Blue, Silver, Wally, Berry, others. Earlier the game was enjoyed by most of the younger generation in their teens or less. However it’s seen that most of the adults in their 20’s are the ones who seek to play the game these days. It has observed that these players are the ones who had started off playing Pokemon years ago and now they have come back and for the love of the game.

The game has also found its way to the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 2009 for being the top selling RPG on the Game Boy platform and that of all time. Earlier this year in February 2016, the best selling game was released on Nintendo’s 3DS Virtual Gaming Console and which marked the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon series courtesy of the very successful Japanese consortium between the popular Nintendo, Game Freaks and Creatures way back in 1995.

Pokemon go for Windows Phone

The Nintendo game version for Windows Phone is currenly in the works, however, the closest thing you can download in this platform is definitely Pocket Monster Battle, a Pokemon-inspired franchise that will surely keep you entertained while the official version is unveiled shortly. If you can’t wait for this release, you can still get the version for your Windows PC or Mac by using emulators, otherwise, you may have to buy an iPhone, a Samsung smartphone or just any Android device running at least KitKat 4.4.

Get hold of the crazy little monsters

Yes, it’s been a dream run for sure and the love of the gamers has been overwhelming truly, what more can the masters Satoshi and Ken expect? A sensational game which has been nicely accepted by people of various age groups and that has got a smile on everybody’s face. Playing PokemonGo is not an addiction but its embracing reality of the genuine thirst in finding the little monsters and hunting them as a fusion with reality. The Nintendo game has been revised and new versions have emerged but the love for this game has only grown. Every version has set an all new benchmark which it shows the true spirit of the game and the brains behind the creativity.

This game takes you to an all new level of imagination where reality blends with the virtual world and the new 3DS launch has given an extra edge to the game. Android store is receiving huge amount of hits each day from gaming enthusiasts who wish to download the app and get on with the monster hunt.